ARCHOS joins the LoRa™ Alliance


ARCHOS announces today it joins the LoRa™ Alliance, the leading technology alliance for the Internet of Things (IoT) and low-power wide area networks (LPWAN). Among the other members of the Alliance, together with its partners, the French consumer electronics manufacturer, intends to deliver additional solutions compatible to the LoRaWAN™ protocol, for a wider ecosystem, in line with organizations’ technological demand as well as budget constraint.

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SIM card; size does matter


The SIM card – Subscriber Identity Module – is the key element of any smartphone. Without it, no calls, texts or internet. Your SIM card is a direct link to the network of your cellphone provider. This tiny plastic card has kept its rectangular form factor since its debut. However, there are several sizes currently on the market. That’s where it gets tricky. Even more so when your smartphone is dual sim. Let’s try to clear a few things up.

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ARCHOS announcments at MWC in Barcelona


ARCHOS comes with great news at the international exhibition show in Barcelona, the Mobile World Congress. Here’s a quick overview of the products that will be presented.

3 new Oxygen tablets


The new Oxygen tablets will be available in three sizes – 7”, 8” and 10.1” – all with an elegant and robust aluminum back casing. With the Full HD resolution, videos become more life-like than ever before, images have greater crispness and detail while text is simply sharper. The state-of-the-art tablets will come equipped with an outstanding IPS screen, providing the user with amazing image quality and extra wide viewing angles.

Available in May 2016, the Oxygen products will be priced from £79,99.

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The Unique 6’’ 4G Octo-core 2K Screen Smartphone below £249


The ARCHOS Diamond 2 Note is packed with a long list of robust features. Available in May, the ARCHOS Diamond 2 Note’s retail price will be £249.

  • 6” IPS borderless screen combined with a 2K resolution
  • optimized screen to body ratio : 6’’ LCD in the form factor of a standard 5.5’ smartphone
  • 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage for limitless content
  • 4G octo-core Helio X10 CPU from Mediatek
  • 3600 mAh for extend battery life
  • Fast charge for an 80% charge in just 45 minutes, a definite time gain
  • Remote control and smart PA sound system
  • 16MP back camera with 4K Video recording and 8MP wide angle 84° BSI sensor F2.2 front camera for breathtaking images and videos
  • Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow software: boosted with features such as Google Now on Tap, case-by-case app permissions, and Doze to monitor battery usage

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The most powerful Diamond ever : ARCHOS Diamond 2 Plus


ARCHOS Diamond 2 Plus : the Unique 4GB RAM – 64GB Storage Smartphone below £200. This newest generation of Diamond smartphones is the most high-end product offered by ARCHOS to date and will be available in May at £199.

  • 4GB RAM and 64GB Flash for extreme responsiveness and extensive storage
  • 4G octo-core LTE cat 6 Helio P10 processor from Mediatek for ultra-powerful performance
  • Full HD 5.5” IPS screen with curved edges (2.5D) for extra wide viewing angles and brilliant colors
  • Wide angle 8MP front camera with flash combined with its 20.7 MP (Sony sensor) back camera bring camera precision to a new level, –
  • Micro USB Type-C connector for more powerful data transferring and fast charging
  • Fingerprint sensor to provides more security to the users’ data and faster access to apps
  • Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow software: boosted with features such as Google Now on Tap, case-by-case app permissions, and Doze to monitor battery usage

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ARCHOS announcements at CES 2016


Like every year, electronic brands meet at Las Vegas CES beginning of January to present their new products and like every years, ARCHOS did not come with his bag empty. Let’s have a look on the products announced at CES 2016.

New color for the ARCHOS Diamond S

Beautiful surprise for this beginning of year with the arrival for end of January of a new color for the ARCHOS Diamond S: the white version. You will now have two options to personalize your Diamond S, black or white.


Avalaible end of January

Long battery life or nothing!

With the new Power range, ARCHOS is focusing on the number one weakness of modern smartphones, the battery life. With 1900 mAh of battery capacity for the ARCHOS 40 Power and 4000 mAh for the 50 Power it’s more than two days of intensive usage guaranteed.

The ARCHOS 40 Power is a 4 inches 3G smartphone equipped with a 4 core processor and 8 GB of internal storage expendable by MicroSD.

The ARCHOS 50 Power is powerred by a 4 core 4G/LTE processor. It has 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory expendable by MicroSD.


Available in April / 39,99£ (40 Power) & 99,99£ (50 Power)

Colors to the spotlights

To give a color choice is the goal of the new ARCHOS Cobalt range. Available in two sizes, 5 inches and 5.5 inches, the ARCHOS Cobalt will be proposed in few colors such as blue, grey and yellow at launch period.

The ARCHOS 50 Cobalt is equipped with a 4 core 4G/LTE processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage expendable by MicroSD. Screen is an IPS HD Full Lamination.

The ARCHOS 55 Cobalt is a 4G/LTE smartphone propelled by 4 core processor featuring 2 GB of RAM. The ARCHOS 55 Cobalt is equipped with an IPS HD Full Lamination screen and a 16 GB internal memory (also expendable via MicroSD).


Available in March / 79£ (50 Cobalt) & 119£ (55 Cobalt)

Please find all the details of the announcements at CES in our press release.

BETA version of Android Lollipop for the ARCHOS 50 Diamond

For the most impatient of our users, we have decided to release a BETA version of the 50 Diamond’s Android 5.1 Lollipop software. Please note this version is not the finalized one. 100% stability of the phone is not guaranteed. However, this version is very close to the final version which will be published shortly. All our efforts are focused on offering you, as soon as possible a final version so you can enjoy the best experience on your ARCHOS 50 Diamond.

Android Lollipop new features:

  • Quick Settings evolution
  • Graphics evolution
  • Better management of the Dual-SIM

Install Android Lollipop on 50 Diamond

To install the 50 Diamond updated software, download the zip file here, place it on the internal memory, use the application Files and open it.

Note: Applying this update will delete your SMS history.

Note 2: ARCHOS recommends once the update is complete, to reset the device.

Go to Settings -> Save and restore -> Factory reset -> Reset the phone.
This will delete the data from your phone; you should do a backup beforehand.

Downgrade to Android Kitkat

  1. Download the latest KitKat firmware  HERE
  2. Copy/past the ‘’’’ file to a Micro SD card and place the micro SD into the phone
  3. Switch off your phone
  4. Keep pressing Volume + and On/OFF power button
  5. Do not release buttons until you can see a red screen
  6. Wait for few seconds to see the Recovery mode
  7. Select ‘’Apply update from sdcard’’ . Use the Volume keys to select options
  8. Select the corresponding ‘’’’
  9. Validate with ‘’Power Button’’
  10. Once process done, select option ‘’ Wipe data / Factory reset’’. THIS WILL ERASE ALL YOUR DATA !
  11. Select ‘’ Reboot system’’


Windows 10 on ARCHOS Cesium Devices

Since the announcement of an impending Windows 10 update, the PC world has been abuzz. Working from a solid base of experiential knowledge from previous launches, Microsoft had a great foundation for launching this new software on different device types, each adapted for its specific uses.

Archos wanted to offer this new operating system in its Window products: the 80 Cesium and 101 Cesium tablets, the 40 Cesium smartphone, and the PC Stick. Via these products, Archos customers will be able to discover all the new functionalities of Windows 10. These include a multi-desktop environment which allows each user to have their own desktop space, a new menu allowing access to all applications with a single touch, and more.

In addition to general new Windows 10 features, certain functionalities have been specially adapted for our products:

80 Cesium: because of a technical optimization, this device will use less memory, allowing you to store more documents and content (currently undergoing testing).

101 Cesium: in Continuum mode, you will pass from PC to tablet mode automatically upon keyboard detection, instantly putting you in the most tailored interface for your needs.

40 Cesium: Cortana, the Windows intelligent personal assistant, is ready to respond to your requests! She will be able to schedule and remind you of your meetings, help you navigate there, and more.

How to enjoy Windows 10?

It couldn’t be easier! The Windows 10 update is free. No matter which ARCHOS Cesium tablet you have, you’ll be able to enjoy the new software.

First, the Windows 10 icon will appear in your task bar next to the date and time. Running the Windows 10 update like a normal update is sufficient.

After the update and restart, you’ll be on Windows 10!

ARCHOS Smart Home Updates

We’re happy to announce an upcoming release for the ARCHOS Smart Home. This product lets you monitor your home wherever, whenever, via a combination of connected objects and our ARCHOS Smart Home app on your Android or iOS devices. We aim to make the ARCHOS Smart Home as versatile as possible for the needs of a homeowner so have added several new features: user/device profiles, remote control support, and additional camera functionality.

With the newly added user profiles, a user’s home can respond to their actions automatically. For example, adding John Doe’s smartphone as a profiled device allows related custom actions to be set. When John Doe enters the home, perhaps the blinds open automatically, or when he leaves his house, all the lights automatically switch off and the blinds close. Maybe when Mrs. Doe comes back from work, the coffee machine automatically switches on so she can have her post-work coffee.

Another new feature is the ability to add a Blyss 433Mhz remote control. This makes it simple to manage all accessories in your home without moving from the couch. Foscam cameras can also now be integrated in the Archos Smart Home ecosystem. These cameras are specifically made for wireless recording and are suited for someone who wants to monitor from a distance. Reliable, innovative, and high resolution, Foscam cameras pair brilliantly with the ARCHOS Smart Home.

We also enabled TURN functionality to improve remote connection to the ARCHOS Smart Home from far away. TURN is a relay server enabling communication when direct connection cannot be established due to firewalls or network provider configuration. This makes it easy to connect to the Smart Home no matter where you are.

As home is such a wonderful place, we’re excited to provide customers with a product that helps them manage this important part of their world. Learn more at

Archos Video Player in Beta

We’re excited to announce that a fresh, redone version of the ARCHOS Video Player application is available to try in beta testing. Our critically-acclaimed application offers a fantastic multimedia experience and is now better than ever! We’ve overhauled its user interface to suit Android TV ecosystem.

Android TV is shaking up the home entertainment industry. Android TVs (Sony Bravia, Sharp, Philips), Internet/ADSL provider TV boxes (Freebox mini 4k, Bouygues) and independent Android TV boxes (Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield, Razor Forge TV) have all recently been announced, and we improved our own application to meet these demands. Accordingly, there are now two available user interfaces for Archos Video Player depending on its associated hardware: a classic tablet/phone interface and a brand-new Android TV interface.

However, this new TV interface isn’t limited to Android TV devices alone! All TV boxes that run on Android 4.2 or higher can benefit from it, as custom settings allow users to choose their type of interface. The classic Archos Video Player interface is maintained for phones and tablets.

The Archos Video Player application more generally allows users to play any content on their home network (SMB, UPnP, FTP, torrent streaming, etc), and presents content in a sleek, intuitive manner. It provides beautiful movie and television posters, localized subtitles, and an organized collection of your previously-viewed media with scraping and scrobbling via trakt. Navigation is also easy and fast through remote controls for the television and a user interface inspired by television-watching behavior. Archos Video Player also supports side-by-side and top-bottom 3D movies for 3D televisions.

If you’re interesting in joining the beta test for Archos Video Player, join the Google+ community here: Once you’ve done so, you can choose to join the beta program of the Archos Video Player for the paid or free version. The application is then directly updated by Google Play.