ARCHOS Smart Home Updates

We’re happy to announce an upcoming release for the ARCHOS Smart Home. This product lets you monitor your home wherever, whenever, via a combination of connected objects and our ARCHOS Smart Home app on your Android or iOS devices. We aim to make the ARCHOS Smart Home as versatile as possible for the needs of a homeowner so have added several new features: user/device profiles, remote control support, and additional camera functionality.

With the newly added user profiles, a user’s home can respond to their actions automatically. For example, adding John Doe’s smartphone as a profiled device allows related custom actions to be set. When John Doe enters the home, perhaps the blinds open automatically, or when he leaves his house, all the lights automatically switch off and the blinds close. Maybe when Mrs. Doe comes back from work, the coffee machine automatically switches on so she can have her post-work coffee.

Another new feature is the ability to add a Blyss 433Mhz remote control. This makes it simple to manage all accessories in your home without moving from the couch. Foscam cameras can also now be integrated in the Archos Smart Home ecosystem. These cameras are specifically made for wireless recording and are suited for someone who wants to monitor from a distance. Reliable, innovative, and high resolution, Foscam cameras pair brilliantly with the ARCHOS Smart Home.

We also enabled TURN functionality to improve remote connection to the ARCHOS Smart Home from far away. TURN is a relay server enabling communication when direct connection cannot be established due to firewalls or network provider configuration. This makes it easy to connect to the Smart Home no matter where you are.

As home is such a wonderful place, we’re excited to provide customers with a product that helps them manage this important part of their world. Learn more at