Archos Video Player in Beta

We’re excited to announce that a fresh, redone version of the ARCHOS Video Player application is available to try in beta testing. Our critically-acclaimed application offers a fantastic multimedia experience and is now better than ever! We’ve overhauled its user interface to suit Android TV ecosystem.

Android TV is shaking up the home entertainment industry. Android TVs (Sony Bravia, Sharp, Philips), Internet/ADSL provider TV boxes (Freebox mini 4k, Bouygues) and independent Android TV boxes (Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield, Razor Forge TV) have all recently been announced, and we improved our own application to meet these demands. Accordingly, there are now two available user interfaces for Archos Video Player depending on its associated hardware: a classic tablet/phone interface and a brand-new Android TV interface.

However, this new TV interface isn’t limited to Android TV devices alone! All TV boxes that run on Android 4.2 or higher can benefit from it, as custom settings allow users to choose their type of interface. The classic Archos Video Player interface is maintained for phones and tablets.

The Archos Video Player application more generally allows users to play any content on their home network (SMB, UPnP, FTP, torrent streaming, etc), and presents content in a sleek, intuitive manner. It provides beautiful movie and television posters, localized subtitles, and an organized collection of your previously-viewed media with scraping and scrobbling via trakt. Navigation is also easy and fast through remote controls for the television and a user interface inspired by television-watching behavior. Archos Video Player also supports side-by-side and top-bottom 3D movies for 3D televisions.

If you’re interesting in joining the beta test for Archos Video Player, join the Google+ community here: Once you’ve done so, you can choose to join the beta program of the Archos Video Player for the paid or free version. The application is then directly updated by Google Play.