BETA version of Android Lollipop for the ARCHOS 50 Diamond

For the most impatient of our users, we have decided to release a BETA version of the 50 Diamond’s Android 5.1 Lollipop software. Please note this version is not the finalized one. 100% stability of the phone is not guaranteed. However, this version is very close to the final version which will be published shortly. All our efforts are focused on offering you, as soon as possible a final version so you can enjoy the best experience on your ARCHOS 50 Diamond.

Android Lollipop new features:

  • Quick Settings evolution
  • Graphics evolution
  • Better management of the Dual-SIM

Install Android Lollipop on 50 Diamond

To install the 50 Diamond updated software, download the zip file here, place it on the internal memory, use the application Files and open it.

Note: Applying this update will delete your SMS history.

Note 2: ARCHOS recommends once the update is complete, to reset the device.

Go to Settings -> Save and restore -> Factory reset -> Reset the phone.
This will delete the data from your phone; you should do a backup beforehand.

Downgrade to Android Kitkat

  1. Download the latest KitKat firmware  HERE
  2. Copy/past the ‘’’’ file to a Micro SD card and place the micro SD into the phone
  3. Switch off your phone
  4. Keep pressing Volume + and On/OFF power button
  5. Do not release buttons until you can see a red screen
  6. Wait for few seconds to see the Recovery mode
  7. Select ‘’Apply update from sdcard’’ . Use the Volume keys to select options
  8. Select the corresponding ‘’’’
  9. Validate with ‘’Power Button’’
  10. Once process done, select option ‘’ Wipe data / Factory reset’’. THIS WILL ERASE ALL YOUR DATA !
  11. Select ‘’ Reboot system’’