Get the most out of your finger print sensor

More and more smartphones are equipped with a fingerprint sensor. This is the case for both the ARCHOS 55 Diamond Seflie and the ARCHOS Diamond 2 Plus, the latest high-end smartphones from the French brand ARCHOS. Fingerprint sensors bring an ease of use and additional protection, just tap your fingertip (previously saved) and your smartphone is unlocked!

Set up actions with the fingerprint sensor

As mentioned by our friends at FrAndroid, some apps exist in order to configure your fingerprint sensor in order to execute specific actions with your smartphone. We’ve chosen to present the free Fingerprint Gestures app, available on Google Play.

The Android Fingerprint Gestures app is one of the most complete. The user’s smartphone must obviously be equipped with a fingerprint sensor. It is also recommended having the latest Android version, Android 6 Marshmallow.


Many actions can be set up directly in the app. For example, you can activate a “double tap” to turn on your smartphone’s flashlight or slide your finger down to open the notification bar.

Here is the (non-exhaustive) list of actions available with Fingerprint Gestures:

• Icon touch panel
• Back
• Home
• Recent apps
• Sleep (Root)
• Power button menu
• Open notifications panel
• Toggle notifications panel
• Open quick settings
• Toggle quick settings
• Play/pause song
• Next song
• Previous song
• Toggle auto-rotate
• Torch
• Toggle ringer mode
• App
• App shortcut
• Search

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