BETA version of Android Lollipop for the ARCHOS 50 Diamond

For the most impatient of our users, we have decided to release a BETA version of the 50 Diamond’s Android 5.1 Lollipop software. Please note this version is not the finalized one. 100% stability of the phone is not guaranteed. However, this version is very close to the final version which will be published shortly. […]

Windows 10 on ARCHOS Cesium Devices

Since the announcement of an impending Windows 10 update, the PC world has been abuzz. Working from a solid base of experiential knowledge from previous launches, Microsoft had a great foundation for launching this new software on different device types, each adapted for its specific uses. Archos wanted to offer this new operating system in […]

How to enjoy Windows 10?

It couldn’t be easier! The Windows 10 update is free. No matter which ARCHOS Cesium tablet you have, you’ll be able to enjoy the new software. First, the Windows 10 icon will appear in your task bar next to the date and time. Running the Windows 10 update like a normal update is sufficient. After […]

ARCHOS Smart Home Updates

We’re happy to announce an upcoming release for the ARCHOS Smart Home. This product lets you monitor your home wherever, whenever, via a combination of connected objects and our ARCHOS Smart Home app on your Android or iOS devices. We aim to make the ARCHOS Smart Home as versatile as possible for the needs of […]

Archos Video Player in Beta

We’re excited to announce that a fresh, redone version of the ARCHOS Video Player application is available to try in beta testing. Our critically-acclaimed application offers a fantastic multimedia experience and is now better than ever! We’ve overhauled its user interface to suit Android TV ecosystem. Android TV is shaking up the home entertainment industry. […]