Windows 10 on ARCHOS Cesium Devices

Since the announcement of an impending Windows 10 update, the PC world has been abuzz. Working from a solid base of experiential knowledge from previous launches, Microsoft had a great foundation for launching this new software on different device types, each adapted for its specific uses.

Archos wanted to offer this new operating system in its Window products: the 80 Cesium and 101 Cesium tablets, the 50 Cesium smartphone, and the PC Stick. Via these products, Archos customers will be able to discover all the new functionalities of Windows 10. These include a multi-desktop environment which allows each user to have their own desktop space, a new menu allowing access to all applications with a single touch, and more.

In addition to general new Windows 10 features, certain functionalities have been specially adapted for our products:

80 Cesium: because of a technical optimization, this device will use less memory, allowing you to store more documents and content (currently undergoing testing).

101 Cesium: in Continuum mode, you will pass from PC to tablet mode automatically upon keyboard detection, instantly putting you in the most tailored interface for your needs.

50 Cesium: Cortana, the Windows intelligent personal assistant, is ready to respond to your requests! She will be able to schedule and remind you of your meetings, help you navigate there, and more.